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Finally, a PROVEN playbook on building the PERFECT spring wardrobe — one that’s minimal, versatile, and makes looking good DEAD easy 

What if you had a foolproof wardrobe? One that transforms you into “a natural” who can look good, without even trying? 

Hi, I’m Peter Nguyen.

Private Personal Stylist and founder of The Essential Man.

I've spent the last 15 years helping men look really good...

First as a menswear designer (you've might have seen my designs on guys like Ryan Gosling, Alexander Skarsgard, Kevin Hart, and Kanye West)...

My work from my days as a designer!

And now as a Private Personal Stylist for men at companies like Google, Facebook, and The New York Times! (Check out some of my client and reader before & afters!)

After helping thousands of men revamp their wardrobes over the years, I've identified the biggest cause of terrible style...

Tell me if this sounds familiar

You ever open up your closet and think, "Shit, I have way too much clothes."?!?

You're not alone.

Sometimes I feel less like a Personal Stylist and more like the expert on an episode of Hoarders whenever I meet a new client's closet.

Clothing has been my business for 15 years, and it STILL BLOWS MY MIND seeing how much clothes my clients have!

And whenever we lay out their wardrobes and survey the damage they’ve done over the years, I can see the overwhelmed expression on their faces.

Stuff they’ve kept since college.

Clothes they forgot they had.

Items still with tags on them. (I've been guilty of this before too!)

It’s no wonder they have a hard time getting ready in the morning.

There’s just so.




Why is it so hard to figure out what you need to look good?

My clients are all successful, smart guys.

They’re entrepreneurs, CEOs..even a few brilliant programmers that created some of your favorite Apps!

Yet something as simple as buying nice clothes that make them look good feels frustratingly complicated.

And I don’t blame them!

Here’s what I’ve noticed over the years:

Men’s style magazines and blogs are barely about style anymore

They're 1/3rd ads and 1/3rd stories about movies and politics.

The last 1/3rd? It's dedicated to terrible celebrity style that no professional grown man should ever wear.

Why do these magazines think the average guy cares about this stuff? (Yes, that is a REAL screenshot from GQ's Instagram btw)

What if you didn't even have to "try"?

When I start with a new personal styling client, I have them identify a person whose style they admire.

The person can be real (like Ryan Gosling) or fiction (Like James Bond.)

A “Style Mancrush” if you will.

It doesn’t matter if the person looks nothing like them.

The goal is to help point us in the right direction.

Think of it like telling a bartender what you like to drink so they can recommend something new and interesting.

It also gives me the opportunity to find some older images of said "Style Mancrush" to shatter a style myth: Nobody is a "natural" when it comes to great style.

Case in point, a client favorite: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

(It's safe to laugh. He can't hear you.)

Dwayne Johnson's style evolution is one of my favorites for a few reasons.

First, he's not a stereotypical 6'2" lean eastern European model you see in magazines.

He's fit, yes, and ruggedly handsome. But he has an athletic body, which is extremely tricky to dress for because of the weird proportions. He's proof you can look good even if you have a unique body type.

But most importantly, Dwayne is an extremely busy guy.

This is a man who, when he's not filming the 33rd installment of The Fast and The Furious franchise, is running a tequila company and waking up at 4am to workout for fun.

Do you think he's spending time reading fashion magazines or blogs to look better?

Hell no!

So how did Dwayne go from looking like an AT&T Wireless manager circa 2005, to a badass jetsetting movie star?

Here's his secret...

He has someone that tells him exactly what to wear

Her name is Ilaria Urbinati, and she's the stylist responsible for making The Rock look like the superstar he is.

Before you start thinking, "Of course! It's easy to look like The Rock when you got The Rock's bank account."...

I want to focus on a lesson that I (sadly) learned way too late in life:

The best shortcut in life is to find and listen to experts.

In my younger days, I used to pride myself in D.I.Y.ing my way through life.

Instructions? HA. I'll figure it out.

$30 for a workout book? No thanks, I'll spend hours on r/Fitness researching other people's workout routines.

Now, as a married man running his own business? Ain't nobody got time for all of that!! I'll gladly pay an extra 25% premium if it saves me an hour and a headache!

Think about all the times you've relied on the knowledge of experts to make your daily life easier?

  • Rotten Tomatoes Scores There's nothing worse than wasting $20 and 2 hours of your life on a terrible movie.
  • Tech YouTubers telling you whether or not you should drop $1k on the latest iPhone or wait it out
  • Amazon reviews Ok, I use "expert" loosely here, but who doesn't feel more confident about making a purchase when a product has thousands of 5-star reviews?
  • The Essential Man Think back to all the times you loved something I've recommended. And you didn't even have to research or test it out beforehand!

Saving time has been the #1 reason my private styling clients hire me to revamp their wardrobes and make them look good.

They don't want to do ANY of the work. Or make sense of ALL the clothing options (and who can blame them?!).

So they HAPPILY make the investment of $9,000 to work closely with me. To have me take care of everything.

Yes, working with me 1-on-1 is expensive.

Yes, it's an investment and TOTALLY worth it for my clients.

And yes, it's NOT for everyone.

For a lot of people, paying $9,000 for a style overhaul may be OVERKILL.

That's why I created a different option for people who still want my help overhauling their style. Without me personally going into their closet or shopping with them.

Or breaking the bank.


The Essential Capsule Wardrobe Guide
(Spring/Summer 2022 edition)


The Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe Guide was a huge hit.

In fact, hundreds of you guys emailed me right you bought it, asking if I was going to make a Spring/Summer edition!

Today I'm answering your question.

It's finally here: A step-by-step guide on building the perfect capsule wardrobe for Spring/Summer 2022.

This year I've upgraded the guide from a PDF download to a digital course. Through video lessons and downloads, I walk you through the wardrobe building philosophy I use for my private styling clients.

The S/S Capsule Wardrobe Guide is my most refined, straight forward product I've ever released. No more waiting 6-weeks for videos and lessons to trickle out. You get everything unlocked at once so you can start building your dream wardrobe TONIGHT!

You'll receive a digital course packed with videos, wardrobe guides, and shopping lists to make building your dream capsule wardrobe dead simple.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll learn in this course:

  • 3 Unique color palettes for each wardrobe so you don't have to worry about how to mix and match your colors! (Yes! I tell you exactly what colors to buy for your capsule wardrobe!)
  • Wardrobe breakdowns where you'll learn more about the pieces in your specific capsule wardrobe
  • *NEW* Summer wardrobe rules What fabrics should you get? How do I stop sweating so much? Can I wear shorts to work? I lay down my summer style rules!
  • Curated Shopping Lists with multiple recommendations at every price point
  • *UPDATED FOR SUMMER* Shopping list updates so you don't have to worry about something being sold out
  • Bonus guide: Spring/Summer 2022 Trend breakdowns: I walk you through the biggest trends this year and show you how you can incorporate them into your style

Bonus! The S/S Capsule Wardrobe Lookbook

If your capsule wardrobe were a list of ingredients, the lookbook is your recipe book.

The S/S Capsule Wardrobe Lookbook will be filled with dozens of outfit ideas and inspiration for your new capsule wardrobe!

Like the Capsule Wardrobe Guide, the lookbook will be updated with new outfit ideas based on your feedback!

How can a capsule wardrobe make looking good easy?
Here what previous Capsule Wardrobe customers said:

"Before, I felt overwhelmed because I didn't know if I was making a good decision or not. Now that research has been done before hand (not by me luckily!). So I can confidently walk in and purchase what I need, knowing that it's going to add value to my wardrobe." — Dillon C.

"Before the Capsule Guide, my shopping was very disorganized. [I ended up] buying many pieces I never wore and would end up donating later. This summer with the guide I was able to create a smaller wardrobe [with pieces] could wear any piece consistently." - Alex Herrera

"My style was boring and predictable before your guide...now I built a wardrobe I love and feel [more seasonally] appropriate!"
— Myke Macapinlac

"I feel confident in a majority of my outfits now, and have found the recommended stores just AWESOME. Now I feel relieved about shopping since I’m picking up what I don’t have and then replacing older clothes. Kinda feels like I’m buying ingredients for a recipe now, rather than trying to create a dish from scratch and no experience!" — Arkady Apelchuk

Normally, my private clients pay $7,000 for me to work with them one-on-one on a personal level. And I'm usually booked MONTHS in advance.

But if you want to refresh your spring/summer wardrobe starting TODAY, get my Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe Guide for a one-time payment that's a FRACTION of what my private clients pay.


"I want The Spring/Summer Essential Capsule Wardrobe Course!"

JOIN NOW - $200

Have any questions or concerns about the guide?
Email me, I'm happy to help and answer any
questions you have!

Commonly Asked Questions

Q. "Do I need to finish the course in a certain amount of time?"

No! The course is self-study.

Everything is unlocked for you at once so you can work through it at your own pace.

You'll have access to all the material and shopping lists forever. (And that includes when I update it!)

Q. "I live in Australia, it’s cold as hell in the Fall. Is this guide for me?"


I recommend you check out our Fall/Winter guide.

Q: "What if I don't know the first thing about clothes?" 

If you've never opened up an issue of GQ before in your life, this guide is perfect for you. 

The Capsule Wardrobe is the based on my Essential Wardrobe System. It's a foundation wardrobe designed to be "self-working," no knowledge of fashion or style is needed!

Q: "How much do I need to spend on clothes?"

As much or little as you want!

I designed the shopping guide to hit all budgets.

Each item has a few different recommendations from brands I trust at all price points.

So whether you're fresh out of college working your first real job, or just sold your own company and have money to burn, you can find something that fits your lifestyle.

I want you to shop how I shop. I go affordable on things I care less about, like t-shirts (my tees? $9 from Uniqlo!). I spend more on things I like! Like leather jacket and shoes!

All the brands and products linked in the shopping guides are ones I trust and have experience with.

While you should be realistic with your expectations, (Let's be real, $90 cashmere vs $700 cashmere are going to be very different!) you can feel confident that you're always going to be getting the best quality for price.

Q: "A lot of the U.S brands you often recommend don’t ship to my country or have crazy shipping fees. Are the shopping list going to have more international brands?"

With COVID, many more brands are relying on mail orders. That means a lot more brands have become competitive with their shipping and returns!

I'd say 90% of my stores linked in the shopping list have international outposts, so I'm confident you can find what you need locally.

In the event something isn't available in your country, there are some tips in Capsule Guide on how to shop on your own.

But if you're still on the fence, there's no risk in trying this guide. Let me show you...

My UNBEATABLE guarantee:
The Essential Capsule Guide
for 60 days, 100% risk free

If you don’t LOVE how you look thanks to this guide, I want to give you 100% of your money back.

Whether you pick up one jacket, one outfit, or the entire wardrobe outlined in this guide, I’m confident you’re going to feel like a brand new person.

I’ve been working in men’s fashion since 2005. I’ve seen all the other books, guides, and style courses under the sun. There hasn’t been anything else like this made by someone with my level of experience.

That’s why I’m offering you a 60 day guarantee.

The only thing I ask is that you only request a refund if you've taken my advice, put in the work, and truly aren't happy.

I'm not interested in keeping your money if you're not satisfied. But it's just like getting the perfect workout and diet from a trainer. If you don't follow the nutrition plan he makes, and don't show up to the gym, you wouldn't expect results or your money back.

So here’s my promise:

I want you to go through the guide, build your wardrobe, and try out some of the outfits.

And if you aren’t happy with the results, forward me some of the receipts of items you picked up based on the guide (even if you ended up returning them.)

Let me know that it didn’t work out for you and I’ll give you 100% of your money back.

"I had worked with a stylist before, but the guide showed me how I could take it to the next level, in terms of color, layers, etc." — Geoff Chiles

"Seeing the whole wardrobe laid out along with the look book to help put it together was super helpful in helping me build my wardrobe. The buying guide with all the links was also very helpful!" — Dr. Robert V. Long

What if you felt amazing all the time?

Look at what men that have used my advice to transform their style have said:

"Can't I find this info somewhere else?"

I’m going to be honest with you...

There are a ton of cheap, even free, advice out there you can sort through to revamp your wardrobe.

Here are some other alternatives: 

  • Pick up some men’s style magazines Think about the last time you opened up a men’s style magazine. Do you really care what Justin Bieber is wearing?
  • Browse through men’s style blogs and forums Most blogs are written by enthusiasts that have never actually worked with men 1-on-1 to improve their style. Forums are filled with tons of info that often require hours of searching through. Who’s giving the advice? How do you know if it's good or bad?
  • Subscription boxes Great and convenient option to make shopping easier, but it doesn’t show you how to take control of your own style. Relying on subscription boxes to show you the HOW is like getting food delivered to teach you how to cook. 
  • Ask your female friend/girlfriend/wife Sure, they could point out things they like on men. But let me ask you this, would you feel confident giving your girlfriend or wife style advice based on what you like on her? 
  • Keep doing what you do Ask yourself, why hasn’t it worked yet? How long is it going to take?

How much TIME are you wasting
following bad style advice?

The uncomfortable truth is, there's a real hidden cost to "free" advice.

How many hours have you wasted sifting through blogs and forums trying to find answers to your style problems?

4 years (!) on a popular men’s style subreddit and still can’t figure it out! 

I honestly feel bad for this guy. 

How much MONEY are you wasting
following bad style advice?

Take a look at a closet edit I did with one of my clients...

On average, I end up getting rid of 3 garbage bags worth of clothes during our closet edits.

And the crazy thing is, this is pretty common!

Just take a look in your closet and drawers.

How much clothes stuffed in your closet are old, gone unworn, or you just plain forgot about?

A few shirts. A jacket or two? A handful of pants?

Let's do some quick back of the napkin math. How much you've wasted on the wrong clothes?

$20 t-shirts, $75 pants, $150 jackets. $75 shoes.

What's the total you've lost?

$200? $500? $2,000?!

For the same price as a weekend out with friends, you don’t have to make that mistake ever again...

Look good -- without the hassle or overwhelm (while still paying a tiny fraction of what my private service costs)

Have any questions or concerns about the guide?
Email me, I'm happy to help and answer any
questions you have!

You're one step away from looking how you've always wanted to look

I believe in what I call “The Outside-In Effect”

It’s that “everything’s new” feeling you get after a fresh haircut.

It’s the peace of mind that comes over you as you sink into your couch in a spotless home.

It’s why a margarita taste just a little better when it comes with a beach view in Tulum.

What we see and surround ourselves with has a huge impact on our mood.

And our moods often pilot our decisions in life.

It’s why my private clients and reader transformations go beyond the clothes in their closets.

It spreads into their professional and personal lives. From closing more clients with confidence, nailing life changing career promotions, to even finding life long love.

My motto at The Essential Man is this: When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, good things start to happen.

If you’re interested in seeing how improving your personal style can improve the quality of your life, let's give yourself a Fall reboot...

Start overhauling your spring/summer wardrobe TODAY!

Have any questions or concerns about the guide?
Email me, I'm happy to help and answer any
questions you have!